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Forge of Legends: Warhammer group
by Shift&Co.

Forge of Legends: Warhammer is a unique Warhammer group program designed
specifically for young neurodivergent adults. This inclusive and supportive program
not only offers a unique opportunity for young neurodivergent adults to step into the
world of Warhammer, but also nurtures their personal development, self-expression,
and sense of belonging in a supportive and accepting community.


Delve into both the fantasy and sci-fi realms of Warhammer 40K and Warhammer –
Age of Sigmar, as participants collect, build, and paint diverse armies, manoeuvre
them in strategic gameplay, and immerse themselves in the rich lore and fiction of
the Warhammer universe.

What's Included:
● Weekly Sessions: focused on game tactics, miniature painting, and terrain
building (led by staff experienced in the world of Warhammer).
● All equipment supplied: including miniature models, paints, battlefields,
guidebooks, terrain building supplies and more.
● Specialised in-store Games Workshop Sessions: in collaboration with our
friends at Games Workshop Belconnen, one session each month will be
hosted in-store, guided by expert Games Workshop staff.
● Your Own Miniatures to Keep: each participant in the program will receive
their own set of miniatures to keep, allowing them to practise and perfect their
skills at home.

Why Warhammer?
● Problem-Solving and Strategy: Enhance your strategic thinking and
problem-solving skills through the dynamic challenges of the game, including
the ability to engage with and overcome difficulties that arise.
● Social Interaction and Teamwork: Join a community of fellow enthusiasts,
share tactics, and build lasting friendships.
● Achievement and Creativity: Experience the pride of building, painting, and
strategising your way to victory.


Express your interest today and forge new friendships, battle on epic fields, and
create miniatures that tell your story! Starting late May/early June.

All programs are subject to availability.

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