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Meeting Tuesday Morning & Tuesday Afternoon Weekly
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group is a unique program designed to empower and connect young neurodiverse individuals. Each week we catch-up over different in-house fun activities such as tabletop games, challenges, barber visits, craft and outside games, just to name a few. Then every so often, we head out for social outings together, some we have done before are Mini Golf, Cinema, Escape Rooms, Bouldering and Disc Golf just to give you an idea.

Essentially, it's a group of Mates! hanging out together in a safe relaxed space, whilst developing social skills, making friends, building confidence and having fun! With of course a couple of Shift Mentors to ensure everyone's comfort, safety and most importantly fun, is put first.

We normally have a break midway through the session where we have a drink and snack which gives everyone a good opportunity to connect with each other. During this time the Mates! often share stories from the previous week or difficult life topics that they feel comfortable to discuss in the safe space we provide. At Mates! we don't like to be too rigid so if someone doesn't like what we are doing for the session that's OK! There is always something else they can do, even if they want to bring along something of their own to do and even possibly share. We are always open to new ideas and suggestions, at the end of the day it's the Mates! group so they decide how to make their time with us just right!
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Everyone WELCOME

Here is a short clip to give you a little idea about the program, keep in mind it's a little old from our beginnings, we have opened up the program to EVERYONE now!
Pictures Coming!

Spaces are subject to availability.

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